10 - Onions


Onions. Yes, onions. The Walla Walla Sweet Onion is not only a trademark, it's an icon for the valley. Long before the wineries, long before the fancy restaurants, long before the tourists, and perhaps even before the Penitentiary, the sweet onion has been Walla Walla's calling card to many other places in the country. In this episode, Kris and Jenn are joined by guest host Don Veverka. The three discuss the importance of the onion in cooking, and get a little philosophical about Shrek and his oniony personality. Thanks for tuning in!

Read more about the Walla Walla Sweet Onion (its history, recipes, and the festival) here: https://www.sweetonions.org. One of the pictures below of Peter Pieri was nabbed from that site. Also, be sure to check out the short documentary there on the sweet onion: also cross-posted here. 

Another good source for information on the Walla Walla Sweet, is the page for a local producer, Locati farms. They sell official genuine walla walla sweets and have been producing the onion for multiple generations, since the turn of the 19th century. Visit: locatifarms.com for more information.

Finally, a few people have mentioned to us that at the end of this episode, there is some funny artifacting in the track. We are currently working to troubleshoot the problem. We apologize for this error and are working to make sure it doesn't happen any more! Thanks for listening!

Click the images below to access links to the resources Don, Jenn, and Kris discussed in the episode.