13 - BMAC Food Bank

Alex, Jenn, and Kris share an informative conversation with the director of the BMAC (Blue Mountain Action Council) food bank. Jeff Mathias tells the crew about the mission of the operation, how it works, and what the process is for those in need of food. The gang discuss the themes of "deserving," grace, and the American cultural threat of judgment when it comes to poverty. Often, when people get into challenging situations, the blame game keeps them from getting help either by their own choosing, or the shame game keeps those who have resources from sharing. Once more, the concept of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) comes up as a topic of conversation, in addition to the surprising theme of caste systems as they relate to deserving.

This show touches on the topic of everyday grace, what that practically looks like in real life, and how resistant attitudes to this take place. Very often, we desire grace from other people and from God, yet do not want to share it. 

Jeff Matthias shared several things people can do to help BMAC food bank in their mission. To find out more or to jump in and help, contact Jeff at: (509) 529-3561 or jeffm@bmacww.org. Some of those opportunities include:

  1. Annually, the food bank operates only through 2700 hours of volunteering. There is a very small paid staff. Many, many opportunities to work or serve on a weekly, monthly, or even occasional basis.
  2. Organize a Food drive in your neighborhood (especially for "non-essentials," those things not covered by SNAP)
  3. Graphic Design Work (pamphlets, how-tos, etc.)
  4. Cash or Food Donations