17 - Coffee Perk

Coffee Perk was one of Walla Walla’s first espresso cafes. All the way back in 1995, the owner of Konan Rock Products opened the shop and within a few years sold it to Kendra Bennet. Despite many challenges most small businesses face, Ms. Bennet has continued to own and operate this truly local joint with distinction now for 20 years. In the first on-site recording for the Walla Walla Podcast, Jenn, Kris, and Alex discuss the concept of 3rd spaces – physical locations that are neither private nor public, but that promote gathering, community, and dialogue. The three also explore the phenomenon of gentrification: the development of urban areas by investors and the hand-in-hand change in culture that accompanies it.

Coffee Perk’s Facebook page can be accessed here: https://www.facebook.com/Coffee-Perk-102840866435689/ A recent article by the Union Bulletin profiled Kendra Bennett and her path to business ownership here: http://www.union-bulletin.com/local/business-bio-kendra-bennett-owns-and-operates-coffee-perk-in/article_20d8bd5a-f927-11e5-9a4d-d34a5057c969.html