2.1 - Brights Candies

Pictures shared courtesy of the Bright's Candies home page.

Bright's candies is a downtown Walla Walla legend. Originally opened in 1934 by a local family, the Russells, it was later purchased by the Bright's family in the 1970's and renamed with that brand. Paul Jenes purchased the operation later, in the 1990's while living in Seattle. He and his family made the move to Walla Walla and shortly thereafter found a new location for the storefront itself. Originally on 1st street in Walla Walla, Jenes moved the store to its current spot at 11 E. Main. Brights Candies has become an important part of life in Walla Walla: not just a touristy location for families, but an important part of family events, love stories, weddings, holidays, and big events.

Jenn, Alex, and Kris discuss the value of giving yourself to a craft, the magic that emerges when natural talent gets combined with attention and practice. They also talk about education, calling, and the joy of "the special" feasting.

Learn more about Bright's, the store, their story, and products by visiting their website: http://brightscandies.com or at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Brights-Candies-61783475188/