2.2 - Baseball


America's pastime is also Walla Walla's pastime. Sit down with Alex, Kris, and Jenn once more as they discuss the city-wide affection for America's game. The three talk about the Walla Walla Little League team that made it all the way to Williamsport, Pennsylvania in the summer of 2017 to compete in the Little League World Series as the representative team from the US NorthWest region. They also talk about what makes the sport of baseball so enchanting to Americans at large. What is it's lasting power? Why has it stuck around? What about the game is so compelling. The three share some great resources as well as touch base on the theme of completion. Thanks once again for joining us!


Pictures of the Little League World Series team from Walla Walla reposted from the Walla Walla Union Bulletin's website: union-bulletin.org